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The Pettigrew Law Firm specializes in Personal Injury, wrongful death, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and all personal injury related cases.

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Personal Injury
Grand Prairie Auto Accident Attorneys - When you are in an automobile accident it can affect many areas of your life.  Some families are faced with loved ones who are seriously injured or disabled.  The financial repercussions can be devastating.  The Pettigrew Law Firm will fight for you and get you every dollar you deserve.

The Pettigrew Law Firm represents all types of personal injury cases including, but not limited to the following:

Clients hit by drunk drivers
18 Wheeler collisions
Hit & Run
High Speed collisions
Pedestrian Injuries
Commercial and Industrial Trucking
Motorcycle Injuries
Injury to minors
Injuries as a result of road design or improper signage
Wrongful Death
Survivor's Benefits

The Pettigrew Law Firm is dedicated to seeing you through to the end and ensuring that you receive full compensation for your auto related injury.  We understand that the injury is just the beginning and work hard to make sure you get monies due to you for missed work days, medical expenditures, and any other factor that has caused you financial stress.

Consult with The Pettigrew Law Firm before agreeing to any settlement that may be offered by the insurance company or their client.  We will make sure you are not taken advantage of and that you will get full restitution for you and your family.